The Last One

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The Last One

When Isis Dobbs was born, her daddy wrapped her in mink. Her debut into this world was celebrated amongst thieves and boosters. Her father ran New York, and now that he’s dead, Isis is looking to reclaim the family name. With the genes of a hustler pumping through her veins, Isis uses her girlish charm, and edgy presence to sit upon her rightful throne.

Her willingness to be the boss captures the attention of one too many bad elements. Her dirty dealings lead to guilt, shame, and turmoil, but yet she continues to play the devils game. Isis holds a secret that’s destined to change the face of many. With a price on her head, she doesn’t know who to trust. Her closes family, and friends are all looking to cash in. When an attempt is made on young Isis’ life, her crew returns with vengeance.

As long as she’s alive, there will be hell to pay.

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