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Just One More (Book 1)

Whoever said less was more just wasn’t used to having anything. For best friends Lou-Lou and Jazzman, enough is never enough. Life offered them financial progression, but with the recent downturn in the economy, shelling back seems to be the new trend.

At first glance, Lou-Lou Dobbs knew Bradley was her meal ticket to living the glamorous life. Capitalizing on the moment to upgrade her lifestyle, she sweetened her game, and before long earned the keys to the New York Estate with her lockdown finger dripped in ice. Plans to become his leading lady came to a screeching halt when the finance industry crashed and burned, leaving wealthy fiancé Bradley penniless.

Jazzman Bridge’s whole reason for living called her Mommy. Jacob is her world, so trading in the bubble coat and fitted jeans for a more refined image was a no brainer. After years of grinding her way up the corporate ladder, she’s laid off. With her executive position a thing of the past, private school tuition and mortgage due every month, she’s desperate for a solution.

Since broke is against their religion, and begging is a flat out sin, Lou-Lou and Jazzman bring their burners out of retirement. This ferocious New York duo is back in the highly anticipated sequel to The Last One. Experience their pulse pounding, gut-wrenching journey filled with deception, corruption, lust, murder and mayhem.

Every second counts. Every decision crucial.

Just One More move can ultimately be their last.

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Just One More (Book 2)

Just One More was no teaser. Author LaQuarn Michaels brought that HEAT to your fingertips. The Drama continues in Just One More 2. This fast pace, urban tale picks up right where it ended. Follow the trail of C-Notes, and experience explosive revelations that will have you begging for more.

Imagine having the world at your feet, to one day having the rug pulled right from beneath you. For Lou-Lou Dobbs, it was about the zip code. Five digits separated the Haves and the Have-Nots. Custom built homes, foreign cars, and the highest diamond grade was most important. When pitched a spiked curve ball, she maneuvers her way towards the next set of deep pockets.

Jazzman Bridges refused to sacrifice her son’s lifestyle. Recently laid off from her executive position, her bills have quadrupled. She’s one bad decision away from the welfare line. Back to square one meant downsizing and living amongst the needy.

A golden nugget is tossed their way, but both ladies know that a piece of the stake won’t satisfy their pockets. They conjure a master plan to steal millions, slaughtering anything in their path.

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The Last One

When Isis Dobbs was born, her daddy wrapped her in mink. Her debut into this world was celebrated amongst thieves and boosters. Her father ran New York, and now that he’s dead, Isis is looking to reclaim the family name. With the genes of a hustler pumping through her veins, Isis uses her girlish charm, and edgy presence to sit upon her rightful throne.

Her willingness to be the boss captures the attention of one too many bad elements. Her dirty dealings lead to guilt, shame, and turmoil, but yet she continues to play the devils game. Isis holds a secret that’s destined to change the face of many. With a price on her head, she doesn’t know who to trust. Her closes family, and friends are all looking to cash in. When an attempt is made on young Isis’ life, her crew returns with vengeance.

As long as she’s alive, there will be hell to pay.

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