LaQuarn Michaels is a freelance writer, poet and author of The Last One, and Just One More, both novels published by Transcending Works. With passion and dedication for the craft of writing, LaQuarn not only wrote two outstanding works of art, but she is also Founder and CEO of Transcending Works. In 2005 she released a poetry CD entitled, “Transcend”. The title was so fitting, so appropriate that she decided to brand her company as such. Transcend, by definition means to go above and beyond, to surpass the norm, to reach new levels, and to elevate through any and all circumstances.

Her love for writing began at a tender age, and developed well into her adult years. Expression via the pen brought great pleasure for the young talented mind of LaQuarn. With poetry being her first love, she intimately relished at the privilege to speak candidly about life.

LaQuarn was born and raised in South Jamaica Queens, New York. She’s no stranger to humble beginnings. She’s far too familiar with looking through window bars, wondering what life had to offer. With the realities of her community circling her every step, holding on to her imagination was key.

LaQuarn now resides near Atlanta, Georgia, with her loving husband and beautiful children. You can expect more blazing stories from this author. Be on the lookout for “Just One More,” the sequel to “The Last One”